February 19, 2010

Primary Childrens Hospital & Keleigh

Yesterday Keleigh had to go to the hospital for an Upper GI and chest X-ray. She has been sick so much since she was born, and her pediatrician referred her to a pulmonary specialist. This specialist feels like her reflux may be causing all the illness but wanted to get a look at her esophagus to see if she has something anatomically wrong causing her issues. I keep thinking how sick Sarah was as a baby, she had allergy shots at 10 months! I think she has a daughter just like her!

The test was awful they wrapped her with ace bandages to a board to hold her still and she was hysterical. It was awful to hear her calling out for help. She cried so hard, it was so so sad. They gave her a sticker...compensation?? hmmmm

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